Jan Kauskas: Laoshi´s Legacy



Emergence from Shadow

Autor: Jan Kauskas

Taschenbuch, 320 Seiten

Sprache: Englisch

Lieferzeit: 3 – 5 Tage

Laoshi’s Legacy, the second book by Jan Kauskas, takes up where the first left off; the student moves beyond his pre-occupation with his own progress to explore the terrain occupied by the teacher. The Way of the teacher, we discover, not only offers insight and reward aplenty, but is every bit as confounding and, often, more treacherous than the path of the student. Legacy describes the challenges encountered in progressing beyond the role of student to survey the art from the viewpoint of teacher. As in the previous volume, Laoshi, the teacher, continues as guide and mentor, advising the novice instructor confronted with the reality of teaching taiji in a modern world. Legacy is a realistic portrayal of dilemmas faced while pursuing the Way of the teacher.

(Rezension im TQJ 1/2019)


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