Tai Chi Odyssey


An Anthology of Articles from the Journal of Asian Martial Arts

Compiled by Michael DeMarco

203 Seiten, englisch-sprachig

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This anthology offers not only a handy historical overview of taijiquan history, but most chapters focus on actual practice. Guidance is provided through discussions on taijiquan classic writings as well as from other highly experienced instructors in their own chapters. We are highly optimistic that you will find something on each page of this anthology to be of great use in your understanding and practice.



  • The Origin and Evolution of Taijiquan, by Michael DeMarco, M.A.
  • The Presence of the Eyes in the Action of Taijiquan, by Sophia Delza
  • Taijiquan: Learning How to Learn, by Linda Lehrhaupt, Ph.D.
  • Thoughts on the Classic of Taijiquan, by Carol M. Derrickson, M.A.
  • The Necessity for Softness in Taijiquan, by Michael DeMarco, M.A.
  • Inner Circle Taiji Training Exercises, by Stuart Kohler, M.A.
  • Principles and Practices in Taijiquan, by Peter Lim Tian Tek
  • The Luoshu as Taiji Boxing’s Secret Inner-Sanctum Training Method, by Bradford Tyrey & Marcus Brinkman
  • The Combative Elements of Yang Taijiquan, by Peter Lim Tian Tek
  • Chen and Yang Taiji Converge in Hangzhou City, by Donald Mainfort, M.A.
  • The Nature of Rooting in Taijiquan: A Survey, by Stuart Kohler, M.A.
  • The Pedagogy of Taijiquan in the University Setting, by Andy Peck, M.S. Ed.
  • A Comparison of Yang Style Taijiquan’s Large and Medium Frame Forms, by Joel Stein, M.S.
  • Taiji Solo Form: The Benefits of Group Versus Individual Practice, by John Loupos, B.S.
  • Sanshou: Understanding Taijiquan as a Martial Art, by Greg Wolfson, B.A.
  • Benefits of Non-Competitive Push-Hands Practice, by Herman P. Kauz
  • Form & Function: Why Push-Hands is Essential to the Practice of Taijiquan, by Hal Mosher, B.A.
  • Wardoff and Diagonal Flying in Zheng-Style Taijiquan, by Russ Mason, M.A.


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