Tai Chi, Teachers, and Pursuit of Principle

Autor: Jan Kauskas

Taschenbuch, 184 Seiten,

Sprache: Englisch

Lieferzeit: 3 – 5 Tage

A young tai chi student explores the Dao of Zheng Manqing with the aid of his teacher, Laoshi. Through personal accounts, reflection, and dialogue with Laoshi, we witness the novice’s evolution in his search for the spirit of the art—and the resulting bond forged with his instructor.
Together, student and teacher examine the philosophical and martial aspects of tai chi. They demonstrate what it means to pursue principle, and they see the ease with which it can be lost to that trickster and provocateur, the ego.
Engaging, sincere, and at times lighthearted, this fictional memoir narrated from the student’s perspective addresses themes familiar to all who study tai chi and the martial arts.
Laoshi is a journey into tai chi and a meditation on life and living without fear.

(Rezension im TQJ 4/2014)

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