Tai Chi & the Daoist Spirit


An Anthology of Articles from the Journal of Asian Martial Arts

Compiled by Michael DeMarco

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The chapters in this anthology present an encompassing perspective of how some Chinese martial art styles — and most significantly taijiquan — developed and evolved along with deep rooted traditions of spirituality and the quest for health and longevity. Much in this volume deals with Daoist theories and practices, particularly its influences ranging from human energetics (qigong) and other physical exercises (daoyin), to practical combative arts.


    • The Daoist Origins of the Chinese Martial Arts, by Charles Holcombe, Ph.D.
    • Sacrifice, Ritual, and Alchemy: The Spiritual Traditions in Taijiquan, by Dennis Willmont, L.Ac.
    • Taijiquan as an Experiential Way for Discovering Daoism, by Michael DeMarco, M.A.
    • Immortality in Chinese Thought and Its Influence on Taijiquan and Qigong, by Arieh Lev Breslow, M.A.
    • Reviving the Daoist Roots of Internal Martial Arts, by Mark Hawthorne
    • Ge Hong: Famous Daoist Thinker and Practical Martial Artist, by Stanley E. Henning, M.A.
    • Taijiquan and Daoism: From Religion to Martial Arts and Martial Art to Religion, by Douglas Wile, Ph.D.
    • Yoga Alchemy in Taijiquan, by Greg Brodsky, B.A., Lic. Ac.


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